jonotomik: I hope they give full access to the venue and open up the Lake again because at NRG / Bass (iforgotthenameofthebasseventgoingonthesameday+venue), they didn't. Ahhh going back homeee hitting us all right in the honey nut feeliossss

I’m sure they will. I went to crush and they only had like 1/5 of the venue open but it was a smaller event & this is Escape so I’m sure they’ll have the whole venue, including the lake open …I hope they do ahahah BRUH. YEAH. Going back to that venue (assuming the whole venue will be open) is going to bring back so many great memories. I’m excited af ♡(๑′ฅฅ‵๑)

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a lineup or an event or whatever the fuck but friday of Escape is absolute gold & I hope to see a lot of you wonderful humans there. It being back at the NOS event center is going to be so gooooooood.

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